Opinion: 98-97
September 10, 1998
Digest:    A judicial candidate may distribute promotional materials, such as pens, pencils and letter openers, in support of his or her candidacy.

Rule:    22 NYCRR 100.5(A)(2)(ii)


            A judge inquires as to the appropriateness of distributing certain promotional campaign materials. The "novelties" in question are pens, pencils, letter openers and the like. The judge's concern is that the Rules Governing Judicial Conduct clearly authorize the distribution of "... pamphlets and other promotional campaign literature..." but does not specifically cover the kinds of items mentioned in the inquiry.

            It is the opinion of the Committee that there is no preclusion to distributing the promotional campaign materials referred to. The phrase "campaign literature" should be broadly interpreted to include such items, since these items have campaign slogans imprinted on them.