Criminal Law Library of NYC
About the Library  

The New York Criminal Law Library (also known as the New York Supreme Court Criminal  Branch Library, 1st J. D.) functions as a full service information center. It provides reference, legal research and other assistance including training in the latest techniques in computer assisted legal research as needed by justices and other personnel in the courts, the New York Criminal Court, interns of justices, and to various city and state agencies on a routine basis. The library is also open to the Legal Aid Society, District Attorney, New York County, and to members referred by the Metropolitan New York Library Council.

Major Purpose

To acquire, process, and to provide access to legal information resources in all formats including digital, to library patrons; to provide research support and training for court personnel and other library users; and to provide library related technology support, including opportunities for web based searching and access to materials for library users throughout the Unified Court System. The library also responds to reference queries from throughout the world if time and resource permit.

Library Services

  • Management and Planning
    • Includes budgets, overall management of programs in all areas, development of special programs, coordination with UCS, collection development.
  • Technical Services
    • Cataloging, Indexing, check in materials, monitor subscriptions, filing services, shelving and filing legal reference materials.
  • Reference/Research Services
    • Reference and research support for Court personnel and outside users referred to library through various sources including Public Access Library, other courts, through cooperative arrangements with other libraries. Reference / Research service also includes instruction support in various areas including computer assisted legal research, use of the Internet, and other library related functions.
  • Outreach Services
    • Interlibrary loans and document delivery from throughout the United States for special research needed by judges.
  • Digital Research Support Services
    • Index, store, disseminate information as needed, and circulates as required all transcripts of cases heard by the Supreme Court Criminal Term 1st J.D. which have been sent up to the Appellate Division 1st Department on appeal. The service involves receiving, indexing, cataloging, storing, circulating, handling all correspondence and trading all charge out transactions regarding the trial transcripts.
  • Trial Transcripts Services

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