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  • Lexis-Nexis (subscription needed) provides authoritative legal, news, public records and business information; including tax and regulatory publications online.

  • WestLaw (subscription needed)
    Westlaw is West's online legal research service. It provides fast and easy access to an extensive collection of legal resources, news, business, and public records information.

  • Find Law
    FindLaw is one of the most extensive all-purpose legal research sites on the internet, FindLaw provides news, primary documents, and links to all sorts of legal materials.

  • LoisLaw (subscription needed)
    Loislaw is a comprehensive electronic legal research site. It allows you to search through state and federal cases, statutes, and regulations from multiple jurisdictions at the same time; cite-check case law and statutes electronically; copy and paste directly into your word processor; quickly save searches for re-use.

  • VersusLaw (subscription needed)
    VersusLaw is a legal research database. It offers three different plans to different legal research needs. Standard Plan contains federal and state appellate case law opinions. Premium Plan offers access to Standard Plan case law as well as selected state source materials, and increased search engine capabilities including a citation search feature. Professional Plan provides all the essentials of the Premium Plan, access to additional federal specialty practice courts, and current versions of the U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations.

  • The Virtual Chase
    Virtual Chase offers more than 600 pages of information pertaining to resources and research strategies. Designed especially for lawyers and other experienced legal researchers, the site guides visitors through the Internet chaff in an effort to find its grains of wheat.

  • Law Journals
    This site is provided by University of Southern California Law School. It furnishes a great numbers of online version of law journals and law reviews.

  • Hein-On-Line
    Hein-On-Line is a comprehensive, ever-expanding, image-based collection consisting primarily of legal periodicals. .

  • The Great Big List of Legal Web Sites
    This web site is sponsored by the New York State Supreme Court Library at Buffalo. It provides a list of compilation of guides to legal research on the Internet.

  • GovEngine
    GovEngine is a list of federal, state and local government sites on the Internet.



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