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“No practical lawyer can dispense with this book. The student should familiarize himself with every part of it and even, when not engaged in drawing pleadings, be perpetually studying the precedents; paying special attention to the numerous excellent notes appended to them.”
--J.G. Marvin “Legal Bibliography” (1847)

Chitty’s Treatise Chitty’s Treatise

Chitty’s Treatise
on Pleading and Parties to Actions

by Joseph Chitty (1776-1841)

“The rules and principles which are discussed and developed in Mr. Chitty’s treatise, are those which underlie every system of pleading in any and all states where the common law is administered; and in no work are they more clearly and fully stated for practical use than in this volume. This treatise is full of elementary instruction for the student, and of practical observation for those more advanced in the legal profession. It teaches upon what facts and circumstances an action may be instituted; the kind and form of action to be adopted upon a given state of facts; the manner in which those facts are to be set forth in the declaration or complaint; and the appropriate mode of making answer to those facts under any circumstances of defence (sic) that may exist. In this edition the American notes have been very much enlarged and many additions of new notes have been made; and they have all been blended and made homogeneous with the English notes.”

-- Henry Greening
“Advertisement to the Sixteenth American Edition “

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