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Date Title
Dec. 23 Appointments Made To Appellate Term, 9th and 10th Districts
Dec. 8 New Administrative Judge Named for Nassau County Courts
Dec. 3 Commission to Promote Public Confidence in Judicial Elections Releases Interim Report
  Report | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C | Appendix D
Nov. 22 New York Hosts National Adoption Day
Nov. 19 New Administrative Judge of Suffolk County Courts Named
Nov. 10 Hon. Ann Pfau Elevated to First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge; Hon. Neil Firetog Named Administrative Judge of Supreme Court in Brooklyn and Staten Island
Nov. 10 First Comprehensive Study on New York Drug Courts Shows Significant Reductions in Recidivism: Vast Implications on Drug Courts Nationwide
  NYS Adult Drug Court Evaluation
Oct. 20
Parents Go Back to School to Ease Divorce Trauma for Children
July 10
New Filings Fees in NYC Civil Court Will Not Be Implemented
July 9 Agreement to Open County/City Court in Syracuse
June 25 New Supervising Judge of Family Courts Appointed in the 7th Judicial District
May 21 Major Overhaul of the State's Adoption System
May 1 Chief Judge Judith Kaye's Special Law Day Message
Apr. 24 Statement from Chief Administrative Judge regarding Gerald Garson
Apr. 16 Commission to Foster Public Confidence in State's Elected Judges and the Electoral Process
Apr. 9 Chief Judge's Appointment of New Commission Marks Start of Second Phase of Jury Reform in New York
Mar. 26 New York City Housing Court Judges Appointed
Mar. 17 Courts Host Day-Long Discussions with Clergy
Feb. 4 Grand Opening of Queens Family Court
Feb. 4 Janet DiFiore Named Supervising Judge for Criminal Courts in the 9th District
Feb. 3 Appointments of Supervising Judges in the 8th Judicial District
Jan. 14 New Appointments: Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Court Operations & Planning & Administrative Judge for New York City Criminal Court
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Date Title
Dec. 20 Sharon Townsend Named 8th District Administrative Judge
Dec. 2 Courts Adopt New Fiduciary Appointment Rules
Oct. 10 Bronx Supreme Court Administrative Judges Appointed
Oct. 1 New Court in Brooklyn Targets Mentally Ill Offenders
Sep. 24 Historical Society for the Courts of New York Formed
Sep. 24 New York Courts Hold Summit on Impact of 9-11
July 22 Judicial Committee on Women in the Courts Releases 15-Year Report
June 26 Court System's 2002 Merit Performance Award Winners Named
June 17 Greg Berman Named Director of Center for Court Innovation
June 14 Robert Keating Appointed as New York Judicial Institute Dean
May 20 New Harlem Court to Focus on Juvenile Drug Cases
Apr. 24 Commission to Examine Future of Court Documents on the Internet
Apr. 10 Courts to Begin "Secure Pass" System for Attorneys
Mar. 12 Court System Consolidates Investigative Offices
Mar. 8 Court System Appoints New Public Affairs Director
Feb. 27 Hon. Leonard Rienzi Appointed Supervising Judge in Staten Island
Feb. 7 Hon. Michael Pesce and Hon. Ann Pfau Appointed to New Posts
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Date Title
Nov. 26 Bronx Integrated Domestic Violence Court Opens
Nov. 1 Hon. Alan Oshrin Named Suffolk County Administrative Judge
Oct. 24 Integrated Domestic Violence Court Opens in Westchester
Oct. 2 Groundbreaking for Nation's 1st Judicial Institute
Sep. 11 Chief Judge Targets Shortfall of Civil Legal Services for New York's Poor
Aug. 14 Groundbreaking for Bronx Criminal Court Complex
July 24 New York is First State to Regulate MDP
June 13 Groundbreaking for New York State's Largest Courthouse
May 17 Innovative Harlem Court Makes Justice a Community Project
May 2 Court System Launches New Community Outreach Website
May 1 Law Day 2001- Four Court Employees Honored for Heroism, Public Service and Professional Excellence
Mar. 29 Jacqueline Silbermann Named Supreme Court Administrative Judge
Mar. 26 Appellate Division First Department Committee on the Representation of the Poor Calls for Restructuring of the Ways Governmentally Funded Legal Representation is Provided to the Poor in New York
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Date Title
Dec. 18 NY Launches Nation's First Court-Based Literacy Program
Nov. 18 Court to Give 200 Kids the Gift of Family on Adoption Saturday
Oct. 17 Deputy Chief Administrative Judge to Direct Roll-out of New York's Court-Mandated Drug Treatment Program
Oct. 4 New York's Judicial Institute Is a National First
Sep. 13 Judith O'Shea Named 6th District Administrative Judge
Aug. 10 Court System Adopts Domestic Violence Policy for Employees
July 6 Thomas Van Strydonck Named 7th District Administrative Judge
June 22 A National First: New York to Launch Systemic Program of Drug Screening and Court-Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment Statewide
June Link to Commission Report
June 6 Peter Zimroth Named to Board of Directors for NY State Capital Defender Office
May 30 Nation's First Multi-Jurisdictional Community Court Opens in Red Hook
May 30 Court System Announces Nation's First Juvenile Probation Violation Court
May 1 Law Day 2000: Outstanding Public Service Honored at the Court of Appeals
Apr. 25 Court System Targets Delinquency in Payment of Court Fines
Mar. 20 Ernest Cavallo Named Manhattan Housing Court Supervising Judge
Mar. 13 NY Courts Enter Cyberspace with Individual Case Information Now Available on the Internet
Mar. 9 Six New Members Appointed to the Housing Court Advisory Council
Mar. 6 New York State Court System Releases Statement on "Pay to Play"
Mar. 1 Fax Filing of Court Papers to Begin in Monroe County
Feb. 29 Statewide Commission on Fiduciary Appointments Formed
Feb. 28 Barry Donalty Named Criminal Term Supervising Judge
  Merit Performance Award Nominations
  Nomination Form
Jan. 31 Court System Names Special Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments
Jan. 31 James Tormey Named 5th District Administrative Judge
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Date Title
Jan. 25 Lucindo Suarez Appointed to Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the First Judicial Department
Dec. 11 Additional Legal Representation for Children in Custody and Visitation Cases
Dec. 20 Courts Expand Services to Victims of Domestic Violence
Dec. 17 Micki Scherer Named Supreme Court Administrative Judge
Dec. 2 Court of Appeals to Unveil Internet Web Site
Nov. 1 Agreement on Production and Sale of Court Transcripts Reached
Oct. 27 Chief Judge Creates Commission on Drugs and the Courts
Oct. 18 Electronic and Fax Filing of Court Papers Scheduled to Begin
Oct. 12 Court System Adopts Recycling Rules
Oct. 5 Phyllis Gangel-Jacob Appointed to Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the First Judicial Department
Oct. 4 Joseph Lauria Named Administrative Judge Of NYC Family Court
Sep. 17 Task Force on Mandatory Retirement of Judges urges Constitutional Amendmrent

Committee Report
Sep. 16 Chief Judge Appoints Commission to Target Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among Lawyers, and Judges
July 8 Domestic Violence Court Officially Opens in Buffalo
June 29 Judge Juanita Bing Newton Appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Justice Initiatives
June 15 First Combined Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court Opens in Westchester
June 8 Children and Families Reunited as Family Treatment Court Graduates Its First Class
May 13 Comittee to Promote Public Trust & Confidence Releases Report
May 12 Court System and New York City Reach Agreement on Major New Court Construction Program
May 10 Grand Jury Project Urges Major New Reforms of New York's Grand Jury System

Grand Jury Report
Mar. 31 Heroism, Community Service and Excellence in the Workplace Are Honored at the Court of Appeals
Apr. 12 Report Urges End to Jury Sequestration
Apr. 12 Sequestration Report
Mar. 24

Court System Targets Civil Backlogs & Cases against New York City

Comprehensive Civil Justice Program Report

Report Summary

Mar. 4 Survey Detailing Pro Bono Activity Of New York Attorneys Released

Apr. 12

Lawyer Ethics: The Focus of Newly Appointed Institute on Professionalism in the Law
Feb. 10 Gail Prudenti Named Top Suffolk County Judge
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Date Title
Dec. 30 Hon. Robert S. Rose Appointed as Administrative Judge for Sixth Judicial District
Dec. 14 Hon. Luis Gonzalez to Succeed Hon. Burton Roberts as Administrative Judge of the Bronx Supreme Court
Dec. 9 Honorable Angelo J. Ingrassia Stepping Down as Administrative Judge of the Ninth Judicial District
Dec. 9 Divorce New York Style: Now Faster, Cheaper and Less Damaging to Children
Nov. 19 Judiciary Budget Request Seeks Salary Increase for Judges
Mar. 25 Report of the Commission to Review the Compensation of New York State Judges
Nov. 17 State & National Initiatives to Build Public Trust and Confidence in the Justice System
Oct. 13 New Office Created to Investigate Employee Discrimination Claims
Sep. 16 Mandatory Continuing Education Program
Aug. 11 Attorney Registration Office to Deter Victimization of Non-English Speakers by Imposter Lawyers
June 23 Red Hook Community Justice Center Ground Breaking
June 25 $1Million in State & Federal Grants Allow Expansion of Domestic Violence Courts in New York City
May 12 Court Restructuring Proposal Prompts Broad display of Support at Court of Appeals
April 29 Court System Appoints Committee to Enhance Jury Process
April 1 Fiscal Study Demonstrates $92 Million in savings from Court Restructuring
March Analysis of Budgetary Impact
March Executive Summary
April 1 Commercial Division releases Law Report
Feb. 24 Family Court Operational Restructuring
Family Justice Program Phase II
Feb. 17 Approval of Statement of Client Responsibilities
Jan. 21 New Uncontested Divorce Forms - Increased Ease for the Self Represented Litigant
Jan. 13 Court Transcript Reform
Court Reporter Minute Agreement Form
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Date Title
Dec. 16 GrandJury Reform - New Committee on Grand Jury Reform
Oct. 23 Judge Kaye Appoints Commission to Review Judicial Compensation
Oct. 27 Administrative Board of the Courts Adopts Comprehensive New Standards & Procedures for Selecting Judicial Hearing Officiers
June 18 New Rules on Public and Press Access to Family Court
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Items Of Interest
Decisions in Pagones v Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley
Decision Re: Application to Quash Grand Jury Subpoena Duces Tecum served on the Museum of Modern Art
Signing Requirement - Section 130.1 Questions & Answers
Court Merger - Concurrent Resolution of Senate and Assembly
Testimony Before Joint Legislative Hearing on Court Restructuring
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