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Date: August 8, 2006

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New Rule Requiring Candidates in Judicial Elections in New York To File Financial Disclosure Statements

Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman today issued an order that requires candidates for judicial office in New York to file financial disclosure statements with the Ethics Commission for the Unified Court System. Such statements must be filed within 20 days following the date of candidacy, and once filed, these documents become open to public examination. The new rule becomes effective September 1, 2006, and was made in consultation with the Administrative Board of the Courts and with the approval of the New York Court of Appeals.

Presently in New York, financial disclosure statements are required of public officials in the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government. Candidates for executive and legislative posts are also required to file, but until now, candidates in judicial elections (who are not incumbent judges) were not required to file. The new administrative rule addresses this loophole.

Candidates seeking information about this new rule should call the Ethic Commission at (212) 428-2899.

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