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Date: October 12, 1999

Seal of the Unified Court System
Court System Adopts Recycling Rules
NEW YORK - Joining the growing national effort to conserve natural resources, the Administrative Board of the Courts has adopted a policy urging litigants to file or submit documents in court using recycled paper. Where recycled paper is used, the litigant must indicate that fact on each set of papers so that the courts can monitor the extent of compliance. Paper is considered recycled if it contains a minimum content of 30% waste paper.

While the Administrative Board's policy is voluntary, the Board will evaluate compliance over the next year to determine whether additional steps are needed to ensure maximum use of recycled stock. State law already requires that the court system itself use recycled paper, but no court in New York other than the Appellate Division, First Department, requires that papers be filed on recycled stock.

The Administrative Board's action recognizes that courts are extraordinarily paper-intensive bodies and reflects its concern over the soaring use of paper products in today's society, which depletes natural resources, raises waste disposal costs and consumes scarce landfill space. The recycling policy embodies the court system's commitment to do its share to conserve natural resources, a goal that may soon be attained in New York through "paperless" courts in which filings are made electronically.

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