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Date: October 18, 1999

Seal of the Unified Court System
Electronic amd Fax Filing of Court Papers Scheduled to Begin
 NEW YORK - The court system will soon make it possible to initiate a lawsuit and file all subsequent papers by fax or e-mail. Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman has issued new court rules to allow electronic filing in specific court locations across the state in order to save litigants time and money and to increase productivity.

Fax filing of court papers will begin by June 2000 in the Commercial Divisions of the Supreme Court in New York and Monroe Counties and for mental hygiene, conservatorship and tax certiorari matters in the Supreme Court in Suffolk County. The Court of Claims has been accepting faxed submission of papers under a pilot program that started in May of this year and will continue to do so.

Litigants will be able to file by electronic means in the Commercial Divisions of Monroe and New York Counties and for tax certiorari claims in Westchester Supreme Court also commencing in June 2000. Participation in the program will be strictly voluntary, and necessary fees will be paid by credit card or debit card.

Judge Lippman said, "The electronic filing of court papers will greatly benefit both the public and the court. It will save attorneys and self-represented litigants the time and expense of personally going to court to file papers and will allow parties the convenience of being able to instantly access their case files any time of the day or night. It will also increase productivity for the court by eliminating the need for paper handling and storage and protect case materials from loss or destruction. The court system will continue to look for new ways to use technology to improve efficiency and benefit the public." 

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