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Lawdesk promotional materials.
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Newsletter account of presentation by State Reporter Fredrick A. Muller to Law Library Association of Greater New York, Jan. 15, 1992
LawDesk advertisement
   In 1992, a project championed by Frederick A. Muller, the twenty-third State Reporter, culminated in production of the New York Official Reports, Second Series, on the LawDesk CD-ROM platform the first-ever publication of the Official Reports in an electronic format. An Internet-based update service was developed in 1997 as an adjunct to the CD-ROM product. "LawDesk on the Internet: New York Slip Opinion Service" provided subscribers the most recent court decisions not yet available in the advance sheets or on CD-ROM.
   A watershed in official law reporting in New York came in 1999 with the on-line publication of the Second Series on Westlaw. The Official Reports, Second Series, was now available in the most convenient and efficient research format.

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