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3. Reporters of the New York City Superior Court:
Johathan Prescott Hall 1828-1829 2 Volumes Hall
Lewis H. Sanford* 1847-1852 5 Sandf
John Duer* 1852-1857 6 Duer
Joseph Bosworth* 1856-1863 10 Bosw
Anthony L. Robertson* 1863-1868 7 Robt
James M. Sweeny* 1869-1870 2 Sweeny
Samuel Jones*and
James C. Spencer*
1871-1892 29 Jones & Sp

4. Reporters of the New York City Court of Common Pleas:
E. Delafield Smith 1850-1856 4 Volumes ED Smith
Henry Hilton* 1855-1860 2 Hilt
Charles P. Daly* 1859-1891 16 Daly

5. Reporters of the Supreme Court (General Terms):
Abraham Lansing 1869-1873 7 Volumes Lans
Marcus T. Hun 1874-1896 92 Hun
1874 - 1905.
Supreme Court Reporter Marcus Hun, born in Albany in 1845, was a graduate of Albany Academy, Union College, and Albany Law School. He practiced law with Russell Johnson and Learned Hand until 1902, when he formed a new firm with his son-in-law Lewis R. Parker. In 1874 he was appointed Supreme Court Reporter, a position he held for 32 years until his retirement in 1905. The resolution in 108 App Div xlv states: "The unvarying accuracy of his reports, and their complete fulfilment of the requirements of an ideal standard of excellence, afford abundant evidence of the sedulous and painstaking care which he has bestowed upon their preparation, as well as of the unusual skill and judgment which he has brought to the discharge of a difficult and onerous duty. His long-continued efforts for the improvement of the reporting system of this State constitute a distinguished public service which merits and has received the universal approval both of the bench and the bar."

(Photograph from New York State Men [Frederick Hill ed] )

*Indicates that Reporter was also judge of the court.

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