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Dec. 18 New York State Courts Announce New Components of Anti-Bias Training Efforts
Dec. 15 Chief Judge Makes Appointments to Court System’s Ethics Commission
Dec. 14 New Administrative Judge Named in the 4th Judicial District
Dec. 13 New Administrative Judge Named in the Bronx
Dec. 04 A Revised Introductory Guide to the N.Y. State Courts
Dec. 01 E-Filing in Family Court expands to 5 additional counties
Nov. 29 Chief Judge Wilson Appoints Franklin H. Williams Commission Co-Chair
Nov. 27 Historic Appointment Made to Appellate Court Serving Manhattan, the Bronx
Nov. 21 NY Courts Name Managing Inspector General for Bias Matters
Nov. 15 New Co-Chair, Members Named to NY Courts’ LGBTQ Commission
Nov. 13 Appellate Division, 2nd Dept. to Present AI Symposium
Nov. 09 NY Courts Seek Applicants for Court Officers Upstate
Oct. 31 NYS Courts Announce Mandatory Online Registration for All NY Attorneys
Oct. 30 "Red Carpet" Event Highlights the Work of the Franklin H. Williams Commission
Oct. 26 Landmark State Task Force on Mental Illness Named
Oct. 19 OCA Forms New Court Modernization Division
Oct. 11 Court System Announces Newly Structured Communications Dept
Oct. 04 Statewide Coordinating Judge for Family Court Matters Named
Oct. 02 Judicial Compensation Public Meeting at 10:30 a.m. today
Sept. 28 Special Counsel to OCA Executive Director Named
Sept. 26 OCA Forms New Appointments Unit; Key Posts Named
Sept. 25 First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge’s Chief of Staff Named
Sept. 12 Chief Administrative Judge Makes Historic Appointment to NYC's Appellate Term
Sept. 08 Chief Administrative Judge Announces OCA’s Newly-Structured HR, Labor Relations Divisions; Names Key Posts
Sept. 06 Supervising Judges Named Upstate, in LI
Sept. 05 Court System Names New Inspector General
Aug. 29 2nd Judicial Dept. to Make History with All-Latino Bench
Aug. 21 NYC Family Court Seeks Applicants for Support Magistrate Openings
Aug. 15 NY Courts Seek Applicants for Law Library Clerk, Assistant Positions
Aug. 03 OCA Executive Director Named
Jul. 18 Historical SI Courthouse Façade Restoration Unveiled
Jul. 12 NYS Courts Seek Applicants for Court Assistant Positions
Jul. 10 NY Courts’ Facilities Director Named
Jun. 29 Administrative Judge Named to 5th Judicial District
Jun. 29 Historical Naturalization Records from Queens, the Bronx Now Online
Jun. 26 New OCA Counsel Named
Jun. 21 Supreme Court-Criminal Term in Queens Unveils New Courtroom Technology
Jun. 14 Extreme Risk Protection Order Data Now Available Online
Jun. 08 CAJ Zayas issues AO on Importance of Judicial Security
Jun. 05 New Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Named Outside NYC
May 26 Hon. Anil Singh Named to Commission on Judicial Conduct
May 19 Hon. Norman St. George appointed First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge
May 18 Hon. Joseph A. Zayas appointed Chief Administrative Judge
May 2 Law Day 2023
Apr. 18 Hon. Rowan D. Wilson sworn in as Chief Judge
Apr. 14 Ronkonkoma Courthouse, 1st and 5th District Court, is closed Monday, April 17, to Friday, April 21
Mar. 27 Press Release: Blue-Ribbon Panel to Implement Pandemic-Related Innovations
Mar. 21 Press Release: Veterans Treatment Court Opens in Putnam County
Mar. 16 Press Release: Bar Admission Questionnaire Changes Announced
Mar. 16 2022 Annual Report, NY State Unified Court System
Mar. 16 Press Release: Mid-Manhattan Community Court Expands Operations
Mar. 08 Equal Justice in the NYS Courts: 2022, Year in Review
Mar. 08 Press Release: NY Courts’ Equal Justice Initiative Issues Progress Report
Mar. 06 Press Release: Veterans Treatment Court Opens in Beacon
Feb. 28 Press Release: Acting Chief Judge Cannataro Delivers 2023 State of Our Judiciary Address
Feb. 24 Press Release: Albany Family Court Unveils Specially Designed Area for Foster Youth
Feb. 15 Press Release: New York Courts' Response to the Pandemic - New Report
Jan. 23 Press Release: Appellate Term Appointments Announced
Jan. 19 Press Release: Misdemeanor Mental Health Court Opens in Westchester


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