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Drug Treatment Court


  • Drug Court integrates licensed, accredited, certified, Alcohol and Drug Treatment services with Justice case processing.
  • Drug Court promotes a non-adversarial approach, prosecution and defense counsel promote public safety while protecting participants due process rights.
  • Eligible participants are identified early and referred to the Drug Court.
  • The Drug Court provides access to a continuum of AOD rehabilitative as well as vocational and educational services.
  • Abstinence is monitored by frequent alcohol and other drug testing.
  • A coordinated strategy governs Drug Court response to participant's compliance as itemized in standards and protocols.
  • Ongoing Judicial interaction with each Drug Court participant is essential.
  • Monitoring and evaluation will measure the achievement of program goals and gauge program effectiveness.
  • Continuing interdisciplinary education promotes effective Drug Court planning, implementation, and operations.
  • Forging formal partnerships among the Drug Court, public agencies, and community based organizations generates support for the Drug Court operations.