Brookyn Treatment Court
Supportive Services: Brooklyn Public Library Learning Centers

Summary: Many Brooklyn Treatment Court (BTC) clients and alumni are not aware of the resources at the Brooklyn Public Library or do not have a library card. Many clients do not have access to a computer nor know how to access the Internet in order to retrieve information on community resources and employment opportunities in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Public Library Learning Centers staff have agreed to provide educational assessments, Computer Basic training sessions, a library resources overview, and adult GED and literacy classes to BTC clients. There are five Brooklyn Public Library Learning Centers in Brooklyn that can inform BTC clients on how they can use their cards to access computers, books, videos/DVDs, and other library resources offered at the sixty local libraries in Brooklyn.

Objective: A linkage agreement between Brooklyn Treatment Court and the Brooklyn Public Library Learning Centers will make valuable resources available to BTC clients to assist in re-integration back into the community. BTC clients will be empowered by obtaining library cards and be encouraged to utilize all available library services.

BTC participants will learn how to access community based resources through the Library Learning Centers and will use newly acquired computer skills to improve literacy and to seek employment.

Services Description

Educational Assessment and Library Orientation
BTC clients will initially be tested using the Test for Adult Basic Education which assesses reading and writing skills. At the conclusion of testing, the clients will be given a new library card, a tour of the library and educated on how they can use their cards to gain access to books, videos/DVD’s, computers and other library and community services.

Computer Basics Training
BTC clients will be referred to the Library Learning Center’s Computer Basics training after they complete the Educational Assessment and Library Orientation. Clients will be required to attend four, two hour classes, held once a week, where they will learn how to input text & pictures, utilize the internet, use e-mail, set-up an e-mail account , access community resources and other basic computer skills. Clients will also get tips on how to eventually purchase their own computer equipment. BTC clients will be shown the BTC Website and Online Alumni Association.

Adult Literacy Referrals
The Library Learning Center will refer BTC clients to adult basic education classes, pre-GED classes, GED classes or other appropriate educational programs after they complete the Computer Basics training. These referrals will be based on the results of the initial educational assessments

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