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Foreclosure Sales


In a foreclosure action, the judgment of foreclosure directs that the mortgaged premises be sold at auction to pay the sum due to the foreclosing plaintiff.

Foreclosure auctions take place on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. in Room 224 at 360 Adams Street. Below is a list of the properties scheduled for auction on the date indicated. Click on a property for additional details.


For a copy of the Auction Rules, please go to "Judges & Rules" in the drop down menu on the left.

Please Note: Some of the properties may not be sold for various reasons, including but not limited to, judicial stays of the foreclosure proceeding and forbearance agreements between the parties.

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Week of September 4th, 2014

59 Schaefer Street

70 Herkimer Street

86 Rodgers Avenue

110 Rogers Avenue

149 Berriman Street

162 Pulaski Street

186-190 Lenox Road

191 New Jersey Avenue

192 Legion Street

193A Utica Avenue

203 Kosciusko Street

257 Malcolm X Boulevard

267 Franklin Avenue

296 Legion Street

371 East 23rd Street

456 Flushing Avenue, Storage Unit Number S-5

507 Pine Street

571 Barbey Street

648 East 81st Street

674 East 22nd Street

725 Bedford Avenue, Unit S3

821 East 15th Street

987 East 92nd Street

1049 Bergen Street

1146 Glenmore Avenue

1331-1333 Flatbush Avenue

1582 Lincoln Place

1856 55th Street

2055 Fulton Street

2162 Fulton Street

3301 Church Avenue

4301 Avenue I

4623 Church Avenue

7716 Colonial Road

Garland Court, Block 8830 Lot 113




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