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Legal/Statutory Memorandum l Chief Clerk’s Memorandum
Directives and Procedures l Advisory Notices

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Legal and Statutory Memorandum

LSM 101 Applications for Name Change - Yemenite Immigrants

LSM 102 Service of Process by Mail

LSM 103 Signing of Ex-Parte Orders

LSM 105 Appearance in Small Claims by Non-Attorney Representatives

LSM 107 Access to Small Claims Daytime Sessions

LSM 108 Costs and Disbursements in Civil Actions

LSM 110 Additional Affidavit Required by Bus. Corp. Law Sec. 306(b)

LSM 111 Costs to be awarded in a CPLR § 325 transfer

LSM 112 Costs and Disbursements in Civil Actions

LSM 113 Attorney Fees in Housing Part

LSM 114 Unlicensed Entity Defense

LSM 115 Changes in Fees regarding Transcripts of Judgments

LSM 116 Costs: CCA §1901

LSM 116a Changes in Fees Regarding Prospective Sheriff’s and Marshal’s Fees on Execution

LSM 116b Changes in Fees: Prospective Fees on Executions

LSM 117 Principal Office Location for Commercial Claimant

LSM 118 Poor Persons Represented by Pro Bono or Legal Services Attorney

LSM 119 Punitive Awards - Public Share

LSM 120 Fees for Transcripts of Judgment and Certificates of Disposition

LSM 121 Supplemental Pre-Claims Assistance

LSM 122 Sealing of Court Records

LSM 125 Transcripts of Trials in the Housing Part

LSM 126 Notice of Entry

LSM 127 Papers Filed in Court

LSM 129 Re-service of 72 hour Notices

LSM 130 Failure to Answer Judgments

LSM 131 Subpoena for Retainer Agreements and Closing Statements

LSM 132 Pre-Action Disclosure

LSM 133 Information Subpoena

LSM 134 Small Claims Action Against O.T.B.

LSM 135 Change of Name Petitions

LSM 136 Change in fees for Small Claims

LSM 137 Correction of Fees for Third-Party

LSM 138 Notice of Trial Fee

LSM 139 Power of Attorney

LSM 140 Entry of Judgments Older Than One Year: NYSHESC

LSM 141 Change of Name

LSM 142 Service on Non-Resident under VTL § 253

LSM 143 Costs in Civil Actions

LSM 145 Order to Show Cause Procedure under RPAPL 747-a

LSM 146 Debtors Index

LSM 147 Attorneys in Small Claims

LSM 149 Sheriff or Marshal's Fees

LSM 149a Sheriff or Marshal's Fees

LSM 150 Appeals in Small Claims

LSM 151 Appeals Procedure

LSM 152A Non-Military Affidavit

LSM 152B Non-Military Affidavits

LSM 153 Housing Part Guardian Ad Litem

LSM 154a Motion and Settlement Fees

LSM 155 Answers in Summary Proceedings

LSM 156A Jurisdiction in Small Claims

LSM 157 Pre-service Filing

LSM 158 Amendment to New York City Health Code

LSM 159 Change of Name

LSM 160 Change of Name: Support Obligations

LSM 161 Subpoena

LSM 162 Default Judgment

LSM 163 Military Law: Rental Agreement

LSM 164 Transcription: Disclaimer of Responsibility

LSM 165 Timing and Service of Motions and Cross-Motions

LSM 166 Compel Attendance of Incarcerated Persons

LSM 167 Penalty for Failure to Obey Subpoena

LSM 168 Execution and Restraints on Money Judgments

LSM 169 Name Change Exemption from Publicaton

LSM 170 RPAPL Notice of Eviction

LSM 171 Fees in Consumer Credit Actions

LSM 172 Declaratory Judgments Involving Part 137

LSM 173 Information Subpoenas

LSM 174 Sheriff or Marshal's Fees

LSM 176 Nonpayment Notice of Petition 22 NYCRR 208.42(d)

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Chief Clerk’s Memorandum

CCM 117B Orders of Seizure

CCM 119a Appearance by an Individual When a Corporation is Sued

CCM 119b Appearance by an Individual When a Corporation is Sued

CCM 127a Filing of Assignments: Small Claims

CCM 134 Check Acceptance Policy

CCM 135 Answers in Non-Payment Proceedings

CCM 135a Answers in Non-Payment Proceeding

CCM 136 Fees for Copying File Records

CCM 141 Small Claims Evening Hours

CCM 150-A Notification to INS

CCM 152 Limit on Number of Filings on One Check

CCM 154 Out of State Attorney

CCM 158A Non-Military Affidavits Department of Defense

CCM 165 Audio Records Office

CCM 166 Certifications

CCM 167 Bulk Sale of Index Numbers

CCM 167a Bulk Sale of Index Numbers

CCM 168 Entry of Orders

CCM 169 Motions on Calendared Cases:
Summary Judgment

CCM 170 Computer Generated CIV-ST-15 & 30

CCM 171 Entry of Orders

CCM 172 Redaction of Social Security Numbers

CCM 173 Requisitioning Files: Identification Requirements; Procedure

CCM 174 Additional Mailing following CPLR 3215

CCM 175 NYCHA Fees

CCM 176 Additional Notice on Consumer Credit Actions 22NYCCRR 208.6 (h)

CCM 177 Consumer Credit Answer Procedure

CCM 178 Filing of Cross-Motions, Opposition and Reply Papers

CCM 179 Procedure to Determine Adverse Claims

CCM 179A Procedure to Determine Adverse Claims Amended

CCM 182 Notification of Returned 208.6 (h) Additional Notice

CCM 183 Executions and Restraints on Money Judgments

CCM 184 NYSDMV Used to Validate Address for Returned 208.6 (h) Notice

CCM 185 Do-It-Yourself Interviews

CCM 185A Do-It-Yourself Forms

CCM 186 Default Judgment on Consumer Credit Action Statement that Action is Not Time-Barred

CCM 186A Default Judgments and Time Barred Debt in Consumer Credit Transactions

CCM 187 VLFD Program for Consumer Credit Actions

CCM 188 Statistical Reports

CCM 189 Information Subpoena fee

CCM 190 Executions against income or property in Small Claims

CCM 191 Fees in Consumer Credit Actions

CCM 192 22NYCRR 208.42 (i) postcards for the DIY programs

CCM 195C Court Hours of Operation and Emergency Application Procedure

CCM 196 Impact of Kings Supreme Court Justice David B. Vaughan's Decision on Certain Housing Court Proceedings

CCM 197 Failure to Answer Judgments

CCM 198 Amended Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

CCM 200 Access to back offices in NYC Civil Court

CCM 201 Defaults against a party

CCM 202 Motions for Summary Judgment on Calendared Consumer Credit Cases

CCM 203 Unavailable files in Consumer Debt cases

CCM 204 Review of Affidavit of Service of the Notice of Petition

CCM 205 Postcard Notice in Summary Proceedings

CCM 207 Presumptive Mediation in Kings County

CCM 208 Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act

CCM 209 Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act-EED

CCM 210 Procedure for scheduling Holdover Proceedings filed in person, by mail or e-filed during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CCM 211 Notice Required on Holdover Proceedings filed during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CCM 212 Procedure for processing Residential Eviction Proceedings in relation to the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020

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Directives and Procedures

DRP 102 "Certificate of Dismissal" No Longer to be Issued

DRP 103 Timeliness of Jury Demand in Summary Proceedings to Recover Real Property

DRP 104 Costs and Sanctions

DRP 104a Costs and Sanctions

DRP 105 Access Orders

DRP 108 Policy re: Firearms

DRP 110 Inspections in Housing Part

DRP 112 Tape Policy

DRP 115 Identifying Data on Petitions

DRP 116 Impleader Fees in Small Claims

DRP 117 Judgments, Complex, Assistance to the Clerk in Determining Details

DRP 119 Service of Process - Description of Individual Served

DRP 123 No Further Orders to Show Cause

DRP 122 Emergency HP Actions

DRP 124 Amended Postcard Rule

DRP 126 Court Officers in Courtroom

DRP 127 Jury Demands in Cases Set for Arbitration

DRP 128 Inquest in Writing

DRP 129 Non-Court Reporter Transcripts

DRP 130 Service on Secretary of State In Small Claims Actions

DRP 132 Poor Person Petitions - Free Index Numbers for HP Actions

DRP 133 Poor Person Petitions - Waiver of Fees Under Amendment to CPLR 1101

DRP 134 Order to Show Cause - Change or Withdrawal of Attorney

DRP 135 Prompt Payment Following Settlement

DRP 136 Interest Rates on Judgments

DRP 136-A Interest Rates on Judgments

DRP 136-B Interest Rates on Judgments

DRP 141 Procedure for Counterclaims in Small Claims and Commercial Claims Actions

DRP 142 Ejectment Actions in Civil Court

DRP 144 Post-Judgment Money Only Orders to Show Cause in the Housing Part

DRP 145 Bounced Checks

DRP 147 Issuance of Executions in Small Claims

DRP 150-A Housing Court Initiative

DRP 151 Telephone Notification in Night L&T

DRP 152 Right to Submit an Order to Show Cause

DRP 153a Service of Eviction Notices

DRP 154 Entry of Default Judgments

DRP 155 Orders to Show Cause, Motions and Restorations
in PA-1 Cases in New York County

DRP 156 Small/Commercial Claims Calendar Call

DRP 157 Filing in the Wrong County

DRP 158 Entry of Judgment: Account Stated

DRP 159 Small Business Assistance

DRP 159a Small Business Assistance

DRP 160 Severance of Individuals Named But Not Served

DRP 160-1 Severance or Discontinuance Against Individuals Served

DRP 161 Reorganization of Civil Parts in Civil Court

DRP 162-1 Infants’ Compromises

DRP 163 Arbitrators in Small Claims Court

DRP 164 Retail Installment Credit Agreements: Directive 429

DRP 165 Default Judgments on Hospital and Attorneys Bills

DRP 167 Pre-Answer Motions and Orders to Show Cause Calendaring Procedure

DRP 168 Amendment of Fees in Old Directives

DRP 169 Entry of Attorney Fees and Interest in No-fault Judgments

DRP 173 Judgments in Summary Proceedings: Names of Parties

DRP 176 Severance of No-fault Plaintiffs or Assigned Claims

DRP 177 Mandatory Consumer Credit Mediation in New York County

DRP 178 GAL Case Summary

DRP 179 All 7A Actions to HP Part

DRP 180 CPLR §3015 (e)

DRP 181 "Off Calendar" Marking

DRP 182 Supplemental Affidavits in Support of a Default Judgment

DRP 184 Extension of Time to Serve

DRP 185 Subpoenaed Records/Exhibits procedure

DRP 189 Certificate of Conformity

DRP 189A Certificate of Conformity

DRP 190 Access to Court Files When a Guardian Ad Litem Has Been Appointed

DRP 191 Entry of Default Judgments

DRP 191A Entry of Default Judgments (Reissued for clarification)

DRP 192 GAL Affidavit and Affirmation of Services Forms

DRP 193 Information Subpoenas

DRP 194 Order Appointing a Guardian Ad Litem

DRP 195 Housing court Attorney Conferences of Stipulations in Non-Payment and Holdover Cases

DRP 196 Guardian Ad Litem Consent to Appointment

DRP 197 Default Judgments entered after Hurricane Sandy - RESCINDED 5/26/15

DRP 198 Warrants of evictions issued after Hurricane Sandy - RESCINDED 5/26/15

DRP 199 Sealing of Housing Court Files Containing Psychiatric Evaluations

DRP 200 Establishment of Small Property Part

DRP 201 Small Claims Trials and Inquests: Judge/Arbitrator/Referee Procedures

DRP 204 Presumptive Mediation in Small Claims Pilot

DRP 205 Default Judgments Entered During Coronavirus Pandemic – RESCINDED 10/12/20

DRP 206 Warrants of Eviction Issued During Coronavirus Pandemic

DRP 207 Suspension of New Filings – RESCINDED 11/6/20

DRP 208 Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS)

DRP 208-A Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS)

DRP 209 Commencing a Nonpayment Proceeding During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Amended) - RESCINDED 6/18/20

DRP 210B Obtaining a Default Judgment During Covid-19 Pandemic

DRP 211B Enforcing a Warrant of Eviction During Covid-19 Pandemic

DRP 212 Management of Small Claims Cases During the Coronavirus Pandemic

DRP 213 Management of Pre-Pandemic Eviction Proceedings in the New York City Civil Court (Part I)

DRP 214 Management of Commercial Eviction Proceeding in the New York City Civil Court

- RESCINDED 8/21/20

DRP 215 Management of Commercial Eviction Proceedings in the New York City Civil Court

DRP 216 Management of Consumer Debt Cases During the Coronavirus Pandemic

DRP 217 Management of Pre-Pandemic Eviction Proceedings in the New York City Civil Court - Housing Part

DRP 218 Resumption of In Person Operations For Newly Filed Cases in the New York City Civil Court, Housing Part

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Advisory Notices

Superintendent Holdover Proceedings

Alleged Illegal Lock-Outs

Vacating Restraining Notice

Vacation of Arbitration Award in Small and Commercial Claims Cases

Vacating Stay of Eviction of a Warrant under CPLR 2221

Notification to APS

Filing of Actions by or Against Employees of Civil Court

AN 1 Allocutions of Stipulations in L&T Cases

AN 7 Settlements in GAL cases

AN 8 Default Judgments in GAL Cases

AN 8 GAL Cases Where There is an Attorney of Record

AN 9A Consumer Debt Cases

AN 10 Guardians Ad Litem Signing Stipulations

AN 11 Consumer Debt Cases: Statute of Limitations

AN 13 Personal Jurisdiction

AN 15 Notice to Wards

AN 17 Unavailable files in Consumer Debt cases

AN 18 Attorneys' use of DIY Forms

AN 20 Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act

AN 21 Kings County Housing In-person Trials

AN 22 Richmond County Housing In-person Trials

AN 23 New York and Queens Counties Housing In-Person Trials

AN 24 Bronx County Housing In-Person Trials

AN 25 Warrant Requirements Under the EEFPA


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