Court System Basics

Find information about the court system in New York. Learn about court structure, rules, administration, history and which court is right for you.

About the NY State Courts
Read an overview of how the New York State courts are organized and the kinds of work they do.

The Right Court for Your Problem
In New York State, different courts handles different issues. Find out which court you should go to for your problem.

Read about which court cases and records are private. Learn what sealing, CPI, and redaction mean.

The People Who Work in the Courtroom
Find out who you meet in the courtroom when you go to court.

Structure of the Courts
See charts that show how the civil and criminal courts are set-up.

History of the Courts
Find information about the history of the courts from the Historical Society of the New York Courts.

Court Administration
Information about the administration of all courts in the 62 counties in New York.

The Courts
Links to all courts inside and outside New York City, including specialized courts and appeals courts.

Court Rules
Search the Administrative Rules of the court system and the rules of the trial courts here.

Juror Information
This website has the information you need about jury duty.

Court Holidays
Find out what dates the courts are closed.

Court Closings & Emergencies
Get text messages about court closings and other emergencies.

Official Policy on ICE Arrests in Courthouses
Learn what immigration agents can do when you come to court on a civil case.

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