Evictions Outside NYC

Find information about evictions for owners, landlords and tenants. Learn how to start and answer an eviction case. For eviction information for property located in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island go to the NYC Housing Court website.

Landlord-Tenant Basics
Read the basics first before starting a case or going to Court. Learn about the steps in a landlord-tenant case and find helpful links.

Starting a Case
Landlords can learn how to start a case to get rent or for any other reason. Learn what notices the law says you must give the tenant. Find instructions and forms.

Answering a Case
Learn about answering a Notice of Petition and Petition. Find out what defenses you may have. See what you can do if you don’t answer or you miss your court date.

Evicting the Tenant
Read about judgments and warrants of eviction.

Being Evicted
Learn how evictions work, the notice you get and the amount of time you have. Read what you can do to stop it.

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