Safety & Violence

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There are many ways that New York State Courts can help protect your safety or the safety of others.

Domestic Violence
Read about “intimate partner relationships,” “family offenses,” and the court orders than can protect you. Find helpful resources.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders
Find out how to ask the court to keep guns away from people who are at a high risk of using them to hurt themselves or others.

Child Sex Abuse Cases
Read about the Child Victims Act and how much time there is to start cases against child sex abusers and liable third parties.

Crime Victims
Learn about your rights during a criminal case. Find information about Compensation, Victim Impact Statements and the Sex Offender Registry.

Privacy and Name Change
All name changes are public records. Learn how to keep a name change private when your safety is in danger.

Address Confidentiality
Learn how to keep your address secret from the other side in your court case or other government records when your safety is in danger.

Harassment of Tenants
Landlords can’t harass tenants to make them move. Learn about harassment.

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