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Anthony A. Moore

In New York State, each department of the Appellate Division is responsible for admitting applicants to the practice of law. Applicants may be admitted upon passage of the New York bar examination or, if qualified, on motion. In addition to admitting applicants who live or work within its jurisdiction, the Appellate Division, Third Department is also responsible for admitting candidates seeking to practice in New York who neither reside nor work in the state (i.e., applicants from other states or countries). Each year, the Third Department admits applicants from across the country and around the world.

The Third Department evaluates the character and fitness of each candidate it considers for admission to the bar. This duty is discharged by the Court's Committees on Character and Fitness, which are comprised of practicing attorneys appointed by the Court and assisted by the Office of Attorney Admissions. Successful applicants are sworn in before the Court at in-person ceremonies in January and June of each year, and at remote ceremonies held throughout the year.

In 2023, the Appellate Division, Third Department admitted 3,260 applicants to the New York bar with 87% of applicants admitted upon examination and the remaining 13% admitted on motion.