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Bid Instructions

General Requirements

The following instructions are generally applicable to all RFB’s/RFP’s. However, the specifications of the respective solicitation shall prevail. All bids must be in US currency.

Bids must be received on, or before, the date and time specified. All times indicated are Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Bidders MUST submit a minimum of one fully executed original bid response (bearing blue ink signature), including signed Bid Response Form and all applicable documents required by the respective RFB/RFP specifications, and the required number of photocopies of the original bid response thereof, to the UCS designated contact person specified in the Packaging, Identifying and Delivering of Bids/Proposals paragraph of the RFB/RFP, which is located in the Bid Response Submission section.

Bidders are to use all RFB/RFP Documents as issued. DO NOT RETYPE OR AMEND any portion of this solicitation. Failure to comply may result in disqualification of bidder’s reponse.

All bids and proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope, package or carton and marked precisely in the manner set forth in the rfb/rfp. The complete bid/proposal, including all properly executed, required RFB/RFP forms, must be received in full at the designated UCS - OCA office on or before the announced “Due” date and time.

The envelope must be clearly marked in large block letters on two sides as follows:


The lower left corner must be marked -

The time of receipt shall be determined by the time electronically stamped, or other certified method, at the designated location.

Proposers are wholly responsible for reviewing this listing regularly up to the designated due date and time prior to submitting a Bid/Proposal to ensure that no addenda or announcements have been issued for the solicitation.