Getting Court Records

View current and disposed case information and sign up for case tracking. Not available for all courts.

Court Records
You can make a request for court records directly to the Clerk of the Court or the County Clerk that has the records.

Criminal History Record Search (CHRS)
Criminal records are available from the court system. Each records search costs $95.00.

Criminal Records
Find out where criminal records are kept. Learn how to get your record of arrest and prosecution (RAP). Get links to FBI and court system records.

You can make a Freedom of Information Law request for access to agency administrative records.

E-filed Case Records Guest Search
You can search Supreme Court cases and documents e-filed in NYSCEF (New York State Courts Electronic Filing ) system even if you do not have an e-filing account. Visit the link and click on Search as Guest.

Genealogy Research
Since 1787, probate records like wills are filed and kept by the Surrogate's Court in each county. These records are available from the courthouse and appointments may be needed to view the records. There may be a fee to access some of the records. Use the Court Locator box to find the Surrogate's Court in the county you're interested in.

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