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Queens Supreme Court is pleased to announce the unveiling of the Uncontested Matrimonial Program. The Uncontested Matrimonial Program is part of the Access to Justice Programs under the direction of Deputy Chief Administrative Judge, Fern A. Fisher. Judge Fisher’s office in conjunction with York College has taken yet another step to provide quality service to unrepresented litigants seeking to move forward with a new phase of their life.

Judge Fisher, her staff and various court staff have given great thought into ways to expand services to pro-se litigants. The development of the Uncontested Matrimonial Program took years of hard work and dedicated service. The program is easy to use and provides step by step instructions to the user. The development of this program has taken many factors into consideration, including the need to protect the privacy of the user. As such all documents generated by the user will be printed in room 140 located on the first floor. All persons preparing papers on-site will be able to retrieve their forms from the matrimonial clerk upon presentation of photo identification. Additionally, it should be noted that completed forms can be saved to a thumb drive and printed at the users convenience from their home and or office. Lastly, this program can be accessed from the comfort of the user’s home.

We would like to the thank Judge Fisher, her staff and the provost of York College for their commitment and dedication to providing quality services and access to litigants who are not be able to afford the cost of legal representation.

Uncontested Matrimonial Volunteer Clinic