Pre-argument Conference Program


The procedures governing the pre-argument conference process are set forth in sections 1250.3 and 600.3 of the Rules of the Appellate Division and the First Department ( [22 NYCRR] Parts 1250 and 600)

A pre-argument conference is a confidential proceeding conducted for the purpose of considering settlement, the simplification of issues and any other matter that may aid in the processing or disposition of an appeal and any related proceeding.

The attorneys in charge of the appeal or proceeding are required to participate in the settlement process and they must have full authority to act on their client’s behalf to accomplish the purpose of the conference proceeding. At the request of a Special Master, the named parties to the action must attend a scheduled conference. A request for adjournment of a conference must be made at least three business days prior to the scheduled conference.

Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to the imposition of sanctions.

Should the appeal be perfected for a term prior to a conference, please notify the Court. If the appeal has been withdrawn, or if the case has been settled, please notify the Court.

Communications with the Court regarding the appeal should be directed to 212-340-0513.

Counsel are reminded that the scheduling of a pre-argument conference shall not excuse the parties from complying with this Court’s Rules of Practice affecting the prosecution of appeals.

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