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Guardian and Fiduciary Services (GFS) coordinates education, training, information services, monitoring and reporting for court-appointed New York Fiduciaries including: Guardians; Attorneys for Alleged Incapacitated Persons; Court Evaluators; Court Examiners; Supplemental Needs Trustees; Guardians ad Litem; Receivers; Referees; Attorneys for Children (formerly Law Guardians); and Counsel to the Public Administrator. Further categories include all secondary appointments: Counsel to Guardian; Counsel to Receiver; Accountants; Auctioneers; Appraisers; Property Managers; and Real Estate Brokers.


New Online Application System

Beginning Tuesday, April 4, 2017, a new online application system, Fiduciary Online, will launch. Appointees will be able to:

  • File an initial application
  • Re-register as required every two years
  • Amend categories and counties of enrollment
  • Update or change contact information
  • View lists of their appointments and compensations on file
  • Maintain account settings, such as passwords and emails

Applicants will no longer be able to submit their initial Part 36 Application for Appointment, biennial re-registration, or an amendment application using a hard copy paper form.

Attorneys can access Fiduciary Online using their Attorney Online Services username (their Attorney Registration #) and password.  For non-attorneys, complete instructions will be provided within the system to establish a Fiduciary Online username and password.

Support Services to assist both attorneys and non-attorneys to establish accounts, reset passwords, or to help with other account related issues are integrated as self-service screens. Additional user support is available in detailed FAQ pages and, if needed, from trained OCA staff.

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