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Notice Requirements- Please see the Local Programs page and click on the judicial district for the county in which the majority of the legal services in your case were performed. 
There you can download a complete packet of forms.

1. No prior written agreement between the attorney and client concerning fee disputes:

137.6 (a) (1) provides that except as set forth in §137.6 (a) (2) , where the attorney and client cannot agree as to the attorney's fee, the attorney shall forward a written notice to the client, entitled "Notice of Client's Right to Arbitrate," by certified mail or by personal service.

The notice:

  1. shall be in a form approved by the Board of Governors;
  2. shall contain a statement of the client's right to arbitrate;
  3. shall advise that the client has 30 days from receipt of the notice in which to elect to resolve the dispute under this Part;
  4. shall be accompanied by the written instructions and procedures for the arbitral body having jurisdiction over the fee dispute, which explain how to commence a fee arbitration proceeding; and
  5. shall be accompanied by a copy of the "request for arbitration" form necessary to commence the arbitration proceeding.


2. Prior Written Agreements Between the Attorney and Client under Section 137.2

See Section 6. B. 1-5 “The Fee Dispute Resolution Process” of the Standards & Guidelines for notice requirements.


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