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Mass Incarceration and The Effect On the Community Session

The Rikers Report: Reversing The Criminalization of Poverty

Prosecution of Cases, Racial Bias, and Efforts to Reform The Prison System

Additional Articles and Prisoner Resources Directory.

National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women, Ten Truths, Executive Summary

National Resource Center Justice Involved Women, Ten Truths, Report


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Scheduled for June 13, 2017 in Manhattan

“How To Become A Judge” Program on Sat. Dec. 3rd



The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission was established in June 1991 to educate and advise decision makers in the New York Court System on issues affecting both employees and litigants of color; and to implement recommendations developed to address said issues.


Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission meeting with
Chief Judge Janet DiFiore
Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission
L to R, Karlene Dennis, Hon. Richard Rivera, Nadine Johnson, Esq., Hon. yvonne lewis, Hon. George B. Daniels, Hon. Barbara R. Kapnick, Linda Dunlap-Miller, Lenore Kramer, Esq., Hon. Janet DiFiore (Chief Judge), Hon. Richard B. Lowe III, Sandra Rivera, Esq., Hon. Troy K. Webber, Hon. Joanne D. Quiñones, Hon. Lawrence Marks (Chief Administrative Judge), Hon. Doris Ling-Cohan, Hon. Craig D. Hannah, Lenore B. Foote, Esq., Hon. Eduardo Padro, Paul Kenny, Esq., Lieutenant Clemont Mack, Hon. Kathy Davidson, Adrienne Williams, Esq., Joyce Y. Hartsfield (Commission Executive Director)



25 Beaver St.
New York, NY 10004

Phone: 212-428-2790
Fax: 212-428-2792

New Chair and Members appointed to the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission


Hon. Lenora B. Foote, Hon. Craig D. Hannah, Hon. Barbara R. Kapnick, Hon. Jonathan Lippman, Hon. Richard B. Lowe III, Paul Kenny, Esq., Hon. Joanne D. Quiñones


NYS Courts Ceremonial Unit


On December 8, 2015, the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission hosted a welcome reception for its new chairperson and newly appointed Commission members.  Justice Richard B. Lowe III was appointed chair of the Commission by then Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman after the retirement of the previous chair Hon. Rose H. Sconiers upon her retirement as Associate Justice of the Appellate Division Fourth Department.

Justice Richard B. Lowe III currently serves as Presiding Justice of the Appellate Term First Department.  He has been a member of the Commission since 1997. 

The new Commission members, also appointed by then Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, hail from around the state and include the following: Lenora B. Foote, Esq., Executive Assistant to Presiding Justice Gerald J. Whalen, Appellate Division, Fourth Department; Hon. Craig D. Hannah, Buffalo City Court; Hon. Barbara R. Kapnick, Associate Justice of the Appellate Division, First Department; Paul Kenny, Esq., Chief Clerk of the Appellate Term, Second Department; Hon. Joanne D. Quiñones, Criminal Court, Kings County, and Hon. Richard Rivera, Albany Family Court.

The welcome reception was held in the Rotunda of New York State Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street, New York.  The ceremony began with the presentation of colors by the NYS Courts Ceremonial Unit and included a moving rendition of “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America” performed by Court Officer Michelle Perry.

As new Commission chair, Judge Lowe remarked that “ it is only through all of that we can move forward  under the ideal of equal justice and opportunities for all. I look forward during my tenure to further our mission and to continue to make a difference in the years ahead.”


20th Anniversary Materials

1988 – 2008

On the Path to Equal Justice: Making a Difference Booklet



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