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Payments: All fees are payable to the Queens County Clerk by New York State Attorneys' checks, U.S. postal money orders and certified bank checks. Cash is only accepted when paying in person. No personal checks are accepted.

Commencements of Supreme Court Actions
Index Number 210.00
Index Number (RPAPL Art. 13 Foreclosure)  400.00Go to Indexing Department
Small Claims Assessment  Review 30.00
Other Supreme Court Filings
Jury Demand 65.00
Motion/Cross Motion 45.00
Note of Issue 30.00
Notice of Appeal 65.00
Notice of Petition 45.00 Go To  Indexing Department
Order to Show Cause 45.00
Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) 95.00
Stipulation (Settlement, Discontinuance, etc..) 35.00
Written Applications 45.00
County Clerk Filings and Other Fees
Property Liens
Building Loan Agreement 50.00
Mechanic's Lien 30.00
Affidavit of Service of Mechanic's Lien 5.00 Go To Block and Lot Property Lien
Notice of Lending 30.00
Notice of Pendency/Lis Pendens 35.00
Money Judgments
Transcript of Judgments (Filing) 25.00
Transcript of Judgments (Issuance) 15.00 Go To Docket  of Judgments
Certification of Business/Corporations 10.00 Go to Business/Corporation Filings
Certification of Supreme Court documents 8.00
(including Divorce Decrees) Go To Record/Search
Exemplified Copies of documents 25.00 Go to Business/Corporation Filings
Authentication of Notary 3.00
Filing of a Notary Card from another county 5.00
Notary Card to be filed in another county 10.00 Go To Notary Department
Notary Renewal 60.00


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*For a list of other document search fees, please see our Records Search Department page.*