Find basic information for defendants facing criminal charges, victims of crime, or people who have completed their criminal sentence.

Criminal Case Basics
Charged with a violation, misdemeanor or felony? Learn about the basic steps in New York State criminal cases from arraignment to sentencing. This section is for defendants with active criminal cases.

Crime Victims
If you are the victim of a crime, read about your rights in the court case, like having a say about what happens to the defendant and recovering losses.

Collateral Consequences
Find out about the different consequences of a criminal conviction beyond sentencing and the additional impact the conviction may have on your housing, education, job, immigration status and more.

If you are found guilty or plead guilty, you will be sentenced. There are many different types of punishment that the Judge can choose. Read about the sentencing process and common punishments, like restitution, fines and Ignition Interlock Devices.

Getting Rights Back
Read about ways to get your rights back with a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities and a Certificate of Good Conduct.

Criminal Records & Sealing
Find out how to get your criminal record. Learn about sealing court records.

Possession of Marihuana
Learn about the decriminalization of marijuana and what it means for you.

Learn about your right to vote. You lose your right to vote while you are in prison or on parole for a felony conviction. You can vote if you are released from prison and are no longer on parole, or if your sentence is suspended.

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