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Guide to Locating a Decision Order:

  • If you know the date of the order BROWSE using the menu below.
  • The SEARCH DECISIONS box (above) provides keyword searching but results may not reflect the most recent decision orders. It is a service of GOOGLE and is offered without warranty.
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Voluntary Resignations

Attorney Disciplinary Matters

Questions and Clarifications

If I have questions regarding the decision of the Court, may I call the Clerk’s Office for clarification?

No. The Court staff is not permitted to interpret or attempt to clarify a decision or order of the Court. Your remedy is to file a motion for reargument or clarification.

Withdrawn or Settled Matters

My appeal or proceeding was withdrawn or settled before or after the Court Term; do I have an obligation to inform the Court?

Yes. The rules of the Court require a party to notify the Court when an appeal or proceeding is withdrawn or settled and the failure to do so may subject a party to sanctions (see 22 NYCRR 1000.18 [c]; 1000.19 [b]).

Proposed Release Dates

When can I expect a decision on my appeal or proceeding?

Generally, decision-orders are released two weeks after the conclusion of the term and are posted at 3:00 P.M.

What if my appeal or proceeding is not decided on the decision date that is two weeks after the conclusion of term?

The appeal or proceeding is still pending before the Court. Check subsequent decision-order release dates.

Proposed Dates

  • 2023
  • February 3
  • February 10
  • March 17
  • March 24
  • April 28
  • May 5
  • June 9
  • June 30
  • July 28
  • September 29
  • October 6
  • November 17
  • December 22
  • 2024
  • February 2
  • February 9
  • March 15
  • March 22
  • May 3
  • May 10
  • June 14
  • July 3
  • July 26
  • September 27
  • October 4
  • November 15
  • December 20

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