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Reinstatement to Practice after Suspension or Disbarment

An attorney who was suspended or disbarred, or whose name was stricken from the Roll of Attorneys and Counselors-at-Law upon conviction of a felony, may apply to be reinstated to practice under the provisions of § 691.11 of the rules of the court (22 NYCRR 691.11), and § 1240.16 of the Rules for Attorney Disciplinary Matters (22 NYCRR 1240.16).

The application must be made in accordance with the court’s Instructions for Reinstatement to the Bar After Suspension of Six Months or Less or its Instructions for Reinstatement to the Bar After Disbarment or Suspension of More than Six Months, whichever is applicable.

An application for reinstatement after disbarment or removal may not be made until the expiration of seven years from the entry of the order of disbarment. An application for reinstatement after a suspension may be made at the conclusion of the period of suspension or after such an interval as the court may have specified in the order imposing the suspension or any modification thereof. A renewed motion for reinstatement may not be made within one year of the entry of an order of the court denying a prior motion for such relief, unless the order denying the prior motion provides otherwise.