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Appellate Division - Second Department
Public Notices

Notices to the Bar & Litigants

Policy regarding the use of Portable Electronic Devices in the Second Department Courthouse

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s Excellence Initiative

Notice re Viability of Cause and/or Calendar Conflict

Press Releases

Governor Cuomo designates new Presiding Justice for the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department

Presiding Justice Releases Report to the Public and the Bar on the Admission, Discipline and Reinstatement of Attorneys

Presiding Justice Releases “Best Practices Handbook” for Guardianship Proceedings

Court Makes Report of Guardianship Task Force Available for Period of Public Comment

Court Makes Report on Attorney Admission and Discipline Available for Period of Public Comment

Second Department Liberalizes Rules For Enlargements of Time and Creates New Management of Causes Program

Administrative Orders

ADM 2018-0308 - Amends rules of procedure regarding oral argument on orders to show cause and post-briefing submissions

ADM 2018-0307 re Election Appeals

ADM 2017-0315 re Election Appeals

ADM 2016-0518 re Election Appeals

ADM 2015-0520 re Election Appeals

ADM 2014-0521 re Election Appeals

ADM 2014-0219 - Amendment to Title 22 Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations, State of NY

ADM 2013-0502 re Election Appeals

ADM 2012-0612 re Election Appeals

ADM 2011-0504 re Election Appeals

ADM 2010-0505 re Election Appeals

ADM 2009-0520 re Election Appeals

ADM 2009-0325.2 Amending Reinstatement Form
ADM 2009-0325.1 Amending Parts 691, 700, 701, & 702 re Rules of Professional Conduct

ADM 2008-0918 Amending Rules to Effecuate Creation of 13th Judicial District
ADM 2008-0917 Amending Rules of Appellate Terms, 2nd Department
ADM 2008-0604 - Adopting Part 680 re Mental Health
ADM 2008-0514 - re Election Appeals

ADM 2007-0328.1 - Establishing Dismissal Calendar for Causes in Which Settlements Not Finalized

ADM 2005-0722.1 Re Attorney Admission, Discipline & Reinstatement
ADM 2005-0722.2 Re Instructions for Attorney Reinstatement Applications
ADM 2005-0504 Re Election Appeals
ADM 2005-0119 Amending Rule 678.4

ADM 2004-1208 Amending Rule 670.22(b)(2)(3)
ADM 2004-1116 Amending Rule 694.6(b)
ADM 2004-1103 Amending 691.20(a)(2),(b)(2)
ADM 2004-0623 Amending Rule 691.16
ADM 2004-0121 Amending Rule 691.20(c)(2)

ADM 2003-1022
ADM 2003-0620
ADM 2003-0227

ADM 2002-1224.2
ADM 2002-1224.1


Report to Public and Bar on Admission, Discipline, and Reinstatement of Attorneys

Guardianship Task Force Report & Recommendations

Krausman Committee Report on Attorney Admission and Discipline


New York State Unified Court System Lady Justice