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Standard Conditions of Parental Behavior

ORDERED that each parent, guardian or custodian named above, shall comply with the following directive; which shall be deemed incorporated into any existing Order of Custody (“Parent”), Parenting Team (FKA Visitation) or Order of Protection. (Paragraph 99 on official form)

1. Civil Treatment: All conversations, interactions and dealings of any sort between the parents shall be conducted in a civil and courteous manner.

2. Discussion with Children: Neither parent shall discuss the legal aspects of this case or other adult issues with or in front of the children or permit third persons to do so.

3. No Disparagement: Neither parent shall disparage the other parent or other members of that parent’s family or household to or in front of the children or permit third persons to do so.

4. Drugs or Alcohol: Neither parent shall be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while the children are in their physical custody.

5. Prompt Notice: Each parent shall promptly and fully disclose to the other parent any event significantly affecting a child’s health, education, behavior or general welfare.

6. Appointments: Each parent shall give the other timely notice of the children’s medical appointments, school events, parent-teacher meetings, counseling sessions or the like.

7. Records: Each parent, regardless of custodial status, is authorized to access all of the child’s educational, medical or psychological records or any other record or notice that is available to the custodial parent. This includes the right to speak with and obtain information from teachers, counselors and medical providers.

8. Schoolwork: Each parent shall preserve for the other parent's periodic review, all schoolwork, school projects, report cards, interim reports, disciplinary reports or anything of like importance sent home from the school with the children.

9. Address and Phone Numbers: Each parent shall keep the other timely informed of the other’s residential address and work and home phone numbers. Calls to the other parent’s place of employment shall not be made, except to discuss important matters concerning the children that can not wait until the end of the business day or unless that parent has agreed to accept calls at work. Calls to the residence shall be at reasonable times and intervals. If a child will be staying overnight outside Lewis County, the other parent shall be provided with a travel itinerary and contact phone number.

10. Promptness: The parent picking up or dropping off a child for the exercise of parenting time shall do so promptly at the appointed time. Children being picked up shall be ready to leave at the appointed time.

11. Scheduled Activities: Each parent exercising custodial or parenting time shall be responsible for insuring the attendance of the child at scheduled organized activities such as music or dance lessons, soccer or baseball practice or games or regularly attended religious services. Neither parent shall enroll the child in any new organized activities of this type, or commit the child to other activities such as sleep-overs or birthday parties, that will take place during the other parent’s custodial or parenting time without the prior consent of the affected parent.

12. Discipline: The parents shall endeavor to have a consistent set of rules of behavior and methods of discipline that apply to the children. Areas of concern include TV time and programming, Internet access, computer and video game use, curfews and peer associations. Corporal punishment shall not be used to discipline a child.

13. General Welfare: The children shall at all times be properly supervised. They shall not be exposed to intimate adult activities. Children’s regularly established meal and bed time routines shall be adhered to as closely as possible. Any medicine or special diet regimen shall be adhered to. The children should be returned home to the primary custodial parent with all clothing or other personal belongings that came with the child at the start of the parenting time. Homework assignments due for the next school day should be completed.

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