For Representation of Indigent Parents in Supreme Court seeking Custody or Contesting the Infringement of His or Her Right to Visitation, to Litigants facing Contempt or a Willful Violation of a Child Support Order or Order of Protection.

Attorneys must maintain sufficient time records to ensure that vouchers submitted reasonably and accurately reflect services provided to clients. Time is kept in "Real Time". All activities on or after August 1, 2013 must have a start and finish time.

Online Voucher Program

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To access the online voucher program you must obtain a login by contacing the Attorneys for Children office:

Amy Hugyecz


For Expert Services

The AFC Program has authority to pay reasonable expenses of representation, i.e., compensate nonlawyer experts, such as investigators, physicians, mental health professionals and social workers for services to clients that are necessary to assure effective representation.

Court Order for Expert Services

The AFC Program prefers that you use the [Sample Supreme Court Order for Experts Assigned] and customize it to meet your needs.

Authorization for Fees Greater Than $1000

For budgetary reasons, if the expert fee is greater than $1000, you must obtain authorization by e-mail or telephone to the Director or Assistant Director of the AFC Program.

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, Licensed Investigator

JC2020 Voucher for Assigned Counsel

Certified Social Worker, Interpreter

AC3253-S Claim for Payment

For Trial Transcripts

AC3253-S Claim for Payment - Transcript Minute Order Form - Supreme Court

Submitting a Voucher

Subject to Audit Before and After Payment

Please provide enough detail in "summary of services" so that an auditor can determine what the activity was, e.g., Drafted proposed visitation schedule, or Telephone call with Respondent's Attorney regarding visitation.

The State is NOT responsible for the costs of representation associated with divorce, annulment or equitable distribution because those issues could not have been resolved in Family Court (see Judiciary Law 35[8])

Mail fully executed original vouchers to:

Appellate Division, Fourth Department
M. Dolores Denman Courthouse
Office of Attorneys for Children
50 East Avenue
Rochester, New York 14604

Attorneys for Children Program

Linda J. Kostin
Program Director

50 East Avenue
Rochester, New York 14604
Phone: (585)530-3178
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