Problems With Money

Dealing with money problems can be scary. But it is very important to take care of these problems, the sooner the better. Any person or company can sue for money that is owed (a debt).

This could be a credit card company, a hospital, a bank or any other person or company that thinks they are owed money.

The person or company that is owed money is called a creditor. The person who owes money is called a debtor.

When You Owe Money (Debtor)
Find out:

  • where to find information about different kinds of money problems
  • how to answer the papers you receive in a court case and
  • what can happen to you if you have been sued for money and you do not answer a summons

When Someone Owes You Money (Creditor)
Learn how to start a court case when a person or a company owes you money.

Mandatory Arbitration
Some cases suing for money, including debt collection money, are decided by arbitrators instead of a judge. If you don’t agree with the arbitrator’s decision, you can still ask for a trial.


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