People Who Collect the Debtor’s Money

If the Debtor doesn’t pay, after you find the Debtor’s money, you can hire an enforcement officer. An enforcement officer is a sheriff, local police officer, city marshal or town or village constable who is authorized to take money or property from the Debtor to pay your judgment. Contact the court if you want to learn how to find an enforcement officer. Use the court locator box.

You have to pay the enforcement officer to collect the Debtor’s money or property. The enforcement officer may charge you a fee in advance. The enforcement officer can also charge you for mileage fee. Sometimes these fees are added to the money that the Debtor owes you. If you and the Debtor agree to settle after you hire an enforcement officer, you will have to pay the enforcement officer’s fees, whether he or she helped you or not.

You must give the enforcement officer the information you know or found out about the Debtor’s money. Visit Finding the Debtor’s Money to learn more.

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