Confidential Records

Criminal Cases Statutory Authority
Sealed Records in Criminal Cases which end Favorably to the Accused CPL 160.50
Grand Jury Minutes CPL 190.24(4); Penal Law 215.70
Mental Health Records Submitted in Connection with Court Proceedings CPL 330.20; Mental Hygiene Law Articles 9, 15; Mental Hygiene Law § 33.13©)
Probation Reports and Pre-Sentence Memoranda CPL 390.50
Sealed Records in which the Defendant is Adjudicated a Youthful Offender CPL 720.35(2)
Sealed Records of Criminal Cases Against a Juvenile Offender that are Removed to the Family Court CPL 725.15
Court Records that Might Identify the Victim in Sex Offense Cases Civil Rights Law § 50-b
Orders of Commitment of Mentally Ill Inmates Correction Law § 402
Defendant Criminal History Records 42 U.S.C. § 3789g(b); 28 CFR Part 20
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Records 42 CFR Part 2.31 et seq.
Criminal Court Sex Offender Registry Forms Correction Law § 168-b


Family and Matrimonial Matters Statutory Authority
Records of Adoption Proceedings Domestic Relations Law § 114
Information in Matrimonial Proceedings Domestic Relations Law § 235
Records of Family Court Proceedings (not Open to Indiscriminate Public Inspection) Family Ct Act § 166
Sealed Records in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings upon Termination of an Action in Favor of the Respondent Family Ct Act § 375.1


Miscellaneous Cases Statutory Authority
Performance Evaluations in Personnel Records of Police Officers, Firefighters and Correction Officers Civil Rights Law § 50-a
Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings Judiciary Law § 90.10
Records that Identify Jurors Judiciary Law § 509(a)
Tenant Evictions after Foreclosure Real Property Actions and Proceeding Law § 757

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