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Dec 11 2013 Judges’ Memorial Service
Dec 11 Historic Courthouse Re-Opens
Dec 2 Thirteenth term Assignments
Nov 27 Part Rules Hon. Gerald E. Loehr
Nov 26 Part Rules Hon. Elaine Slobod
Nov 26 Part Rules Hon. Joan B. Lefkowitz
Nov 26 Part Rules Hon. Mary H. Smith
Nov 25 Part Rules Hon. Lewis J. Lubell
Nov 25 General Civil Mediation
Nov 22 Westchester Guardianship Part Rules Hon. Emmett J. Murphy
Nov 22 Part Rules Hon. Hal B. Greenwald
Nov 4 Twelfth term Assignments
Oct 7 Eleventh term Assignments
Sep 26 Part Rules Hon. Christine A. Sproat
Sep 24 Part Rules Hon. Colleen D. Duffy
Sep 23 Part Rules Hon. Maria G. Rosa
Sep 20 Part Rules Hon. Thomas E. Walsh
Sep 17 Part Rules Hon. Kathie E. Davidson
Sep 9 Tenth term Assignments
Aug 15 Ninth term Assignments
Jul 12 Eighth term Assignments
Jun 17 Seventh term Assignments
Jun 3 Part Rules Hon. Catherine M. Bartlett
May 20 Sixth term Assignments
May 9 Part Rules Hon. Colleen D. Duffy
Apr 22 Fifth term Assignments
Apr 18 Part Rules Hon. James T. Rooney
Apr 12 Part Rules Hon. Francesca E. Connolly
Apr 1 E-Filing available for Matrimonial Cases in Westchester County on a voluntary basis
Mar 26 Part Rules Hon. Christine A. Sproat
Mar 25 Fourth Term Assignments
Mar 15 Part Rules Hon. Maria G. Rosa
Mar 6 Part Rules Hon. Joan B. Lefkowitz
Mar 5 Part Rules Hon. James D. Pagones
Feb 28 Part Rules Hon. Gerald E. Loehr - Civil
Part Rules Hon. Gerald E. Loehr - Commercial
Feb 27 Part Rules Hon. Robert A. Onofry
Feb 25 Third term Assignments
Feb 25Part Rules Hon. Linda S. Jamieson - Non Commercial
Part Rules Hon. Linda S. Jamieson - Commercial
Feb 6 Putnam Foreclosure Settlement Part Rules
Jan 28 Second Term Assignments
Jan 22Part Rules Hon. Bruce E. Tolbert
Jan 18Differentiated Case Management
Jan 10Part Rules Hon. James W. Hubert
Jan 7Part Rules Hon. Gerald E. Loehr
Jan 3A Guide to Working Copies 2013
Jan 2 First Term Assignments
Jan 2Trial Readiness Stip & Order NYSEF
Jan 2Part Rules Hon. Maria G. Rosa
Jan 2 Assignments and Terms 2013


Jul 10City Court of Middletown Phone Number Changes
Jun 06Orange Law Library Reopens
Jun 05City Court of Port Jervis Phone Number Changes
Jun 04A Guide to Working Copies
Mar 20 Orange County Courts Phone Number Change
Jan 17Joint Protocols for NYSCEF Cases Filed in Westchester County - revised 1/17/12
Jan 12Reminder Notice-- Westchester County: Mandatory E-filing for ALL *approved civil cases including Tax Certiorari and Foreclosure will commence


Nov 01 Notice to the Bar Associations - Westchester County plans to expand mandatory E-filing for all *approved civil case types in January 2012
Oct 11 Differentiated Case Management Protocols revised 10/11/11
Jun 02Rockland Courthouse phone number changes June 2011
Jun 06 Dutchess Courthouse phone number changes
May 25 Law Day - Westchester Youth Police Academy
May 17Court's Gender Fairness Committee Celebrates Women's History Month
May 04Effective June 1st E-filing Now Mandatory For Approved Civil Case Types Commenced in Rockland Supreme Court
May 04 Blind Brook HS wins Regional Title in Statewide High School Mock Trial Tournament Sponsored by the New York State Bar Association.
Apr 28 Spotlight on Foreclosure Conference Part
Apr 27 See Video: News 12 Interviews Judge Scheinkman on Foreclosure Conferences
Apr 06 Newly Elected and Inducted to the Ninth
Apr 05 Matrimonial Mediation for Settling Divorce Cases
Apr 05 Family Court Adoption Rockland County
Apr 05 Westchester Family Court Goes Paperless
Apr 05 Family Court Adoption Rockland County
Apr 05 Family Court Adoption Rockland County
Mar 01 Mandatory E-filing for commencement of Commerical Division Cases as of February 1, 2011. In addition as of March 1st mandatory E-filing for commencement of Tort Cases in Westchester County. (Voluntary E-filing continues for tax certiorari and general Commercial cases)
Jan 31 Matrimonial Mediation Offered in Settling Divorce Cases in Westchester Supreme


Jul 15 Office of Court Facilities Planning Releases June 2010 Report "An Assessment of Westchester County Family Court Facilities in Yonkers and New Rochelle" - 07-26-10
Jun 21 Commencement of E-filing Commercial Division Westchester -6-21-10
May 25 Westchester E-Filing - 5-24-10
Apr 30 Westchester Family Attorney Check-In - 4-30-2010
Mar 03 New Matrimonial Mediation Program - 3-3-10


Aug 26 Notice to the Bar Westchester County Supreme Court Central Calendar Part - 09-11-09
Aug 26 Westchester Supreme Court Special Calendar - 09-11-09
Aug 26 Westchester Supreme Civil Realignment Memo - 08-19-09
Aug 26 Westchester Supreme and County Court Calendar on Kiosk - 08-17-09
Aug 26 Medical Malpractice cases involving the Westchester Medical Center are now eligible for a conference before Justice Lefkowitz  where  at least one plaintiff and one defendent consent
Aug 26 Revised RJI Form
Aug 26 Differentiated Case Management Protocol


















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