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Accessorial Liability  WP PDF
     Accomplice, as a Matter of Fact WP PDF
     Accomplice, as a Matter of Law WP PDF
Admission (see Confession)  
Adverse Inference:  
    Destroyed Evidence WP PDF
     Missing Rosario WP PDF
     Missing Witness WP PDF
Burden of Proof  (see Reasonable Doubt)  
Character Evidence WP PDF
Circumstantial Evidence (see Evidence)  
Closed-circuit Television WP PDF
Confession WP PDF
Consciousness of Guilt WP PDF
Corroboration of a Confession WP PDF
Corroboration of a Witness:  
     Unsworn Witness  WP PDF
     Complainant of Sex Offense; Mental Defect or Incapacity WP PDF
Credibility WP PDF
Culpable Mental States:  
     Intent WP PDF
     Knowingly WP PDF
Deadlocked Jury (see Jury Issues) WP PDF
Defendant's Conduct:  
     Absent Defendant WP PDF
     Defendant Who Does Not Testify WP PDF
     Disruptive Defendant WP PDF

For a defense to a specific crime, see the "Additional Charges"

section on the Penal Law page listing the charge for that crime.

     Agency WP PDF
     Alibi WP PDF
     Duress WP PDF
     Entrapment WP PDF
     Insanity WP PDF
     Intoxication WP PDF
          Emergency Measure WP PDF
          Defense of a:  
                    person by Physical Force WP PDF
                    person by Deadly Physical Force WP PDF
                    victim of Certain Felonies WP PDF
          To Prevent:  
                    Arson WP PDF
                    Burglary WP PDF
                    Criminal Trespass WP PDF
                    Damage to Premises WP PDF
Deliberation Issues:  
     Deliberation Procedures WP PDF
     Exhibits, Readback, Law Questions WP PDF
     Foreperson's Role WP PDF
     Verdict Sheet Explained

Dying Declaration WP PDF
     Evidence In  General WP PDF
     Evidentiary Inferences WP PDF
     Circumstantial Evidence WP PDF
    Destroyed Evidence (see Adverse Inference)  
     Expert In General WP PDF
     Expert In Drug Traffic WP PDF
     Expert On Crime Victim Syndrome WP PDF
Geographical Jurisdiction (State):    
     State Territorial Jurisdiction WP PDF
Geographical Jurisdiction (County):  
     Conduct Within_County WP PDF
     Conduct Outside County WP PDF
     Common Carrier WP PDF
     Private Vehicle WP PDF
Hearsay-Not for its truth WP PDF
     Identification (One Witness) WP PDF
     Identification (Witness Plus) WP PDF
     Identification By Pictorial Representation WP PDF
Inconsistent Statements WP PDF
Indictment Is Not Evidence WP PDF
Intent (see Culpable Mental States)  
Interested Witness WP PDF
Interpreter WP PDF
Jury Issues:  
     Jury Admonitions WP PDF
     Jury and Court Role WP PDF
     Juror Expertise WP PDF
     Juror Discharge and Substitution WP PDF
     Jury Note-Taking WP PDF
     Jury Not to Consider Sentence WP PDF
     Jury Questions WP PDF
     Jury Separation During Deliberations WP PDF
     Jury Deadlocked WP PDF
     Jury Discharged WP PDF
Knowingly (see Culpable Menatal States)  
Lesser Included Offense WP PDF
Missing Rosario (see Adverse Inference)  
Missing Witness (see Adverse Inference)  
Molineux WP PDF
Motive (When Not an Element) WP PDF
Multiple Defendants WP PDF
Multiple Separate Transactions of Same Offense WP PDF
Partial Verdict WP PDF
     Physical and Constructive WP PDF
     Recent, Exclusive WP PDF
     Temporary WP PDF
     Voluntary WP PDF
Presumption of Innocence (see Reasonable Doubt)  
Prompt Outcry WP PDF
Pro-se Defendant WP PDF
Reasonable Doubt WP PDF
Unsworn Witness (see Corroboration of a Witness)  
Sentence (see Jury Issues; Jury not to consider)  
Summation, Introduction and Rules WP PDF
Transcript of a Recording WP PDF
Venue (see Geographical Jurisdiction)  
Voluntary Act WP PDF
Pre-trial Preparation WP PDF
Testifying by Closed-circuit Television WP PDF
Witness Refuses To Answer:  
     Refusal Effect on Witness Credibility WP PDF
     Refusal Requires Testimony Stricken WP PDF